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Do U Really Need a Mac Cleaning Software

Do U Really Need a Mac Cleaning Software

Mac OS is known for its simplicity and a clean interface. With the first few months of my Mac usage, it felt extremely smooth and I never had to worry about hardware space. However, after some time, when I had downloaded a few pages of rubbish apps, I started to see the annoying warning of “Your startup disk is almost full”.

How To Make Space on Your Mac?

In order to clean up your Mac and make more spaces, you have to do the following things:

  1. Identify the files that take up a huge space on your Mac
  2. Select the deletable files
  3. Delete them

How to Find Large Files on Your Mac?

– Use Finder

  1. Open the Finder app
  2. Use “Command F” to start a search
  3. Select “Other” >> “File Size” as the search criteria and use “is greater than” to filter for the large files

– Use CleanMyMac

  1. Download a free version of CleanMyMac 3 from HERE
  2. CleanMyMac can help you scan your Mac entirely to find the large and old files
  3. You can right click on the items to display the large file in Finder

How To Identify the Deletable Files?

– By Googling

After you’ve found out about the large files, it can be tricky to know if the file will be safe to delete. As a general rule, cache files are safe to delete. Other than that, you do have to Google around to see what a role the file is really playing in your system. Be careful though, deleting a system crucial file can result in irreversible data loss or system bugs.

– By CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac will help you identify the cache and log files that will be safe to delete. Deleting those will not cause any harm to your computer at all, and at the same time, you have saved gigabytes of storage. CleanMyMac will also help you identify the redundant photo files which the system created when you were editing your photos in the Photos app. These files are, again, safe to delete, because they can be regenerated from its other versions.


CleanMyMac Free Download

CleanMyMac is an awesome app for any Mac users. More importantly, you can download and use it FREE.

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