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How to run Windows apps on Mac

How to run Windows apps on Mac

I love Mac. Nevertheless, I often find myself need to use some applications that only have Windows version. That’s super frustrating. So I installed a Windows 10 system on my Macbook. But one time, I found that the app I need to use does not support Windows 10. I was desperate until I found wine – my solution to all problems, both in life and Mac.

This app is like a mini Windows simulator. As long as you have the .exe file, you can run that in Wine.

Once successfully installed, you can double click on the .exe file you intend to run. And you will be greeted with the following

Go! You may enjoy your windows apps in your Mac now. Hooray!! (how I wish I’d known this earlier)

P.S. My windows vista and windows 7 apps have been tested to run on WINE.

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