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What’s New in CleanMyMac X ?

What’s New in CleanMyMac X ?

CleanMyMac 3 has now officially been updated to CleanMyMac X!

Unbelievably, CleanMyMac has been with us for 10 years! We celebrate this anniversary with a new CleanMyMac version and its decade-worth name. The new version completed the transformation of CleanMyMac into a comprehensive app for cleanup, optimization, and management of your Mac. Now it includes 14 sophisticated modules, a fundamentally upgraded Menu, an extensive Safety Database, a totally new CleanMyMac Assistant, and many more.

CleanMyMac is the most robust software for Mac system and space management. It is an all-in-one suite that contains all the essential features that you need when using Mac. With one or a few clicks, you can remove all the redundant files and trash from your Mac, immediately saving you gigabytes of space.

What’s new in CleanMyMac X as compared to CleanMyMac 3 ?

  1. Malware Finder and Removal

CleanMyMac X can now scan your mac to find any malicious software, code snippets or malware. You can delete malware with a few simple clicks.

  1. Privacy Record Clearing

With CleanMyMac X, you can easily delete your private history, including your browsing history, Skype or iMessage chat messages.

  1. Login Item Management

This is my favourite feature. There are many annoying apps that automatically launch at startup, significantly slowing down my Mac. Now you can disable these with CleanMyMac X in a beautiful control panel once for all.

  1. System Maintenance

There are in total 10 features, including releasing internal memory, running maintenance scripts, flushing DNS records, speeding up emails and rebuilding Spotlight search cache, etc.

A module that lets you manage login items, launch agents, hung and resource-consuming apps to increase system responsiveness.

  1. Software Update Detection

CleanMyMac X will automatically alert you when there are newer versions of your apps available.

A tool that delivers the latest available versions for your installed apps. Now you have all updates
in one place.

It’s a long-awaited and awesome update from Macpaw. Well done, Macpaw guys!

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