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Best app to take screenshots in Mac

Best app to take screenshots in Mac

Today I’d like to introduce to you the best screenshot app in Mac — LightShot.

Mac’s own screenshot tool

Well, Mac does have a screenshot tool pre-installed. You can take screen capture of the entire screen by command-shift-3or only capture a partial area by command-shift-4. But, the functions are limited. I find it quite inconvenient when I frequently need to take screenshots to communicate with collegues. 


LightShot is a very convenient tool that I use everyday. More importantly, it’s FREE!

Once installed, you can set your own shortcut to access it; mine is command-shift-9.

With it, you can edit the screenshot on the fly, giving highlights or adding texts. Moreover, you can straightaway share the screenshot with your friends, without the need to find the file saved and then share it. Or you can copy it, and instantly paste it to whatever app you are working on.

Yeah, it’s my favourite!

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